Ilha is an exhibition of artefacts produced from the transformation and reuse of pollutants, projected by We Came From Space.

By using the Precious Plastics machines of OPO`Lab more than 100 small little islands (pt.: ilhas) where made of recycled plastic (plastic lids of bottles) in a manuel injection process. A project for the Walk & Talk Festival 2018 on the Azores islands.

In the first stage, the project aims to raise the awareness of inhabitants and visitors of the Azores Islands of the importance of collecting and converting abandoned plastic in water and on land.

In a second fase, achieving support for the construction of the Precious Plastic machinery which is needed for its transformation, and coordinate the efforts required to establish the various procedures of the collection of plastic and the creation of objects of utilitarian and decorative use, produced in collaboration with national and international designers and artists.

The project was developed in collaboration with OPO`Lab in terms of production and use of their Precious Plastic machines.

Precious Plastic is a global community of hundreds of people working towards a solution to plastic pollution. Knowledge, tools and techniques are shared online, all open-source and for free.

We Came From Space Team

Alejandra Jana
Daniel Rodrigues (Web, Animation, Video, Production)
Irena Übler (Product Design, Production)
Miguel Almeida (Graphic Design)
Susana Almeida (Public Relations)

More info

Check out our project homepage

online and as well the Festival page of Walk & Talk Azores.

Photographic credits

Álvaro Martino


Galeria Miolo, OPO`Lab, Fibrenamics